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Custom Desktops & Servers

Most businesses need computer systems they can count on.  We employ many features which reduce your downtime to a minimum.  For instance, we build-up custom Hewlett Packard workstations with mirrored harddisks so if one harddisk fails, the computer doesn't.  It also means replacing a harddisk does not mean starting from scratch, reloading programs and data.  This saves you money, and lost employee wages.


We also custom build our Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers with:

  • Redundant CPUs

  • Harddisks which are mirrored, and can even be replaced while users are logged in

  • Redundant cooling fan systems

  • Protected Random Access Memory

  • Backup disk write memory

  • Redundant power supplies

We have had nearly zero downtime with our high quality servers.

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